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Farm School
McTaggartskamp (RK) Primary

On their way to Upington, 9 September 1931, bishop Fages, together with Father Puysalon as driver, came across a troubled truck. The Truck-driver had no petrol. As they stopped to help the man to get the petrol from the vehicle to the truck, bishop Fages started a conversation with the driver of the truck, Mnr Broude. Mnr Broude told the story to him of his big farm with plenty of workers. The Bishop then asked him if he'll agree to put up a school on his farm for the children. Mnr Broude agreed and the Bishop bought some cheap land from him and built a school.

In November 1931 the bishop came to see the land. He then saw that there's a lot of people in that specific area, that is on the Upington - Keimoes road. It took him (bishop) 4 years to make the planning and to finish it.

This new commission were named the St. Peter Klaver Commission.
The first School-church were praised on 14 July 1935 and the school started a day after. The first building were build with reeds. The first head of the school was Mnr Samuel February, 'a teacher originally from the Eastern-Cape Province. Him and his wife Kathleen February (also a teacher), both helped with raising and spreading of the Word. Their hard work quickly paid of, because in 1939 they were able to built additional classrooms. Numbers multiply and in 1945 another classroom were built and new teachers were employed. In 1950 the fifth classroom were built.

Mr Samuel February together with his willing colleagues built a modern school with a very distinctive catholic character. He was head of the school for almost 30 years and under his lead many pupils rose to above.

In the earlier 70's he resigned and were followed by Mnr Heyns as head master. The schools numbers multiplied so quickly, that in1980 there were more
than 300 pupils with 12 teachers.

These numbers went down as the years followed and factors like urbanisation and birth control played a big role. Today there are 215 pupils with 7 teachers

The school strive to give quality education to all learners.

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