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Is recognised as an Investor in People

7th September 2005

Naftali 2 has been recognised as an Investor in People organisation after achieving the Standard on 7th September 2005. Naftali 2 embraces a commitment to training and development and looks forward to the bottom-line benefits that improved people performance delivers.

"We are fully committed to developing workforce skills in order to achieve our wider business aims and objectives in the table grape export sector. We have used the Investors in People planning process to address our needs and have now implemented a training and development programme. We will consistently evaluate this to ensure our workforce has the most up-to-date skills in order that we build on our success."
Peu Bezuidenhout Managing Director

Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive of Investors in People UK comments, "Putting people development at the heart of every function is the most cost-effective decision a business can ever make. Employees are central to business success so it is vital for staff to be skilled, flexible and motivated; this can be achieved through planned and consistent training and development. The Investors in People framework ensures that if you look after your inputs the outputs will look after themselves."

The Standard is based on four key principles for people development: commitment to develop employees to achieve business goals and targets; planning to review training and development needs required in context of the business; action to assure relevant steps are taken to meet training and development needs; and evaluation to measure the outcomes of training and development for individuals and the organisation.

Research conducted among recognised Investor in People organisations has shown that 80 per cent have increased levels of customer satisfaction and 70 per cent have improved their competitive edge and productivity.

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