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Production of table grapes remain core business at Rekopane

The production of table grapes have always been the core business at Naftali/Monte Estate, the predecessor of Rekopane Estate, and this is likely to continue in future. This is the view of Peu Bezuidenhout, Managing Director of Rekopane Estate.

Rekopane’s vineyards already boast the best of South African seedless grapes, including Prime, Flame Seedless, Surgraone, Thompson Seedless and Crimson Seedless. Seeded varieties that produces grapes of exceptional quality are Victoria and La Rochelle.

All the orchards have been certified in terms of the international environmental and food safety standerds of EurepGap and Tesco’s Nature’s Choice. Rekopane’s evironmental policies are also unique and are aimed at sustainable agriculture. Protection of indigenous plants and wild life are part of the way of life amongst the people of Rekopane.

Rekopane’s people nurture and care for their grapes from the moment the little bunches are formed in the spring. When they are ripe, grapes are harvested and cooled down immediately to remove the field heat and retain optimum quality.

Rekopane’s modern pack house have received the highest level of international certification in the form of BRC, the standard of the British Retail Convention. After packing and recooling, the grapes are dispatched for sale to leading customers according to fixed programmes.

Rekopane has an excellent information system and customers and service providers can constantly stay in touch with activities in the orchards and pack house through the website – www.naftali.com

“We are committed to maintaining these high standards as we move into the future,” says Mr Bezuidenhout.

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