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ARCH Bishop Tutu tastes the first Rekopane grapes

Rekopane Estate, a new partnership between a well-known table grape grower from the Orange River region and farm workers, has packed its first grapes for the export market since the launching of the project.

And Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, who received some of the season’s first grapes, says it is some of the best grapes he has ever tasted.

Rekopane was founded in November last year by Mr Peu Bezuidenhout of Naftali/Monte Estate and 65 of his workers, who now own 25% of Rekopane. Rekopane Estate incorporate all the assets previously owned by Naftali-Monte.

During the launch of the Rekopane partnership last year, Arch Bishop Tutu sent a special message to the new shareholders. “It is through working together that we will build up our country for our children and our children’s children, where all can walk tall and reach for the stars.”

The shareholders responded by letting him taste the juicy grapes from their first harvest. Despite the busy harvest activities back on the farm, Mrs Surine Bezuidenhout was sent to the Arch Bishop’s home in Cape Town with two cartons of Flame Seedless and Prime grapes.

With reference to the ‘tasty gift’ Arch Bishop Tutu conveyed his appreciation to “all at Rekopane for the nice sweet grapes.’ Mrs Bezuidenhout returned to the farm with a photograph which is being displayed on the walls of the three pack houses at Rekopane and which serves as inspiration for the workers during their harvest.

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